I’ve walked these streets I’ve called my own
Memories good and bad now gone
Do you remember when life got tough?

Everything still looks the same
Girls around all changed their names
Lost outside your childhood love

Well I know that I was still a kid inside
All I wanted us to do was run and hide

Life ain’t always what it seems
Sometimes you get it just exactly what you need
Stay in – stick it out – never leave the game
Let it rock and roll – live another day

She walked into the life I’ve known
All I knew that day was gone
I do recall that I felt loved

All my feelings gone astray
Life would come back to me again
I was bound to find the way

And she was there and she was just what I needed
When I thought it was over that’s when I cheated

It was wrong

Life ain’t always what it seems
Good things happen if you take the time to dream
What if I would have somehow left the game?
Life as I know it never would have been


Life – Is but a dream and never over
Life – Another dream it’s never over
Life – To the next dream never over
Life – Dream a dream that’s never over

The terrorists say it’s a holy war
But whose God are they fighting for?
It’s so tragic

They say it’s a cause worth dying for
But whose God would teach
blood & gore?
They don’t know

Tower number 2 is falling
It’s become a holy war

Tears of Heaven
Fallin’ down on me
Ashes on the ground
Sorrow in the street

What’s next? Does it ever end?
Why do they point to the other sin?
There’s no logic

Do you know who’s right or wrong?
Spreading fear doesn’t make you strong
Such a shame

They’re blowing up the subway
killing in cruel way
Let’s end this holy war
End this bloody war

Suicide is no way
No way to get your girl

Tears of Heaven
Fallin’ down on me
Ashes on the ground
Sorrow in the street

Found salvation
Flyin’ over me
Angels of the crowd
Tower’s in the street


One way ride
Where it all began
Into the light
No matter where you’ve been

Roads of gold
No more ends
We’re going home

Tears of Heaven
Fallin’ down on me
Ashes on the ground
Sorrow in the street

Find salvation
Flyin’ over me
Angels of the crowd
Pray we find world peace

I’ve seen your face on every subway train
And I’ve been around this world searching in vain
All these days of my life
I’ve been color-blind
Except for the blue in your eyes

So tell me how you’ve been
Since I’ve been away
Have you seen me in your dreams?
You appear in mine

In these nights of our life
Have we been color-blind?
And would you see the change
In my life

All these days of my life
I’ve been color-blind
Except for the blue in your eyes

Beautiful face
Won’t you tell me your name?
I think I know you
You’ve shown me your faith
In this beautiful place
Why I see through you
So we’re leaving this mixed up world
Far beyond the next left turn

We’re getting out of the middle of the road
The highway is a dangerous place to be
You make me complete I’m sold
We would be happy there
There’d be no where
I would rather be

Now that we’re here
Cast all your cares
We’ll be riding on the wind

Wide open space where the past is erased
And the strength from within (without)
Building it strong
Here’s the reason – love
We could never go wrong we have won

Now we’re gonna stay out of the middle of the road
The highway was a dangerous place for me
Now we’re riding on the sea of gold
We’ll be happy here
Far away from fear
Where our world agrees
Our world agrees

Where we are going there’ll be no more weeping baby
Love is all we’ll know come on let me save you
take my hand and then we’ll go
Climb the highest mountain
Rising high above this storm
Then were gonna fly away
I am overcome with your love
And your love has saved me

I am overcome

And you are healed by his stripes
we are healed
With a smile of faith

Remember we are free
Before we live and learn
All your revelations, winding roads
And closing of your pride
Nothing have you done
That isn’t all we’ve seen at the end of the ride
End of ride

Would you like to make a call?
Before you fall
It’s gonna be a long way down

Better make your time on this side
last a little longer
Cause you know it may be a one way ride

What has taken you over?
You were surely well
Now this new division
Has led you to close to hell
Your innocence and love is wearing
And it’s really hard to tell
Who you are these Days

Who you are these days
Cracking under the weight

Have you gone too far – left?
Will you ever be the same?

Well this trail has bleached your calm
Stolen morning song and put a spell on you
It’s taken way much longer than
You thought it would
And the fear this time consumed you

Gotta get out of here
Terror at each whim
The snake has gotten you again
And this low level vibration
Has made you an animal of sin
I’d tell you where to turn
But these lessons you’ll never learn
Who you are these days
Who you are these days

And you’re too much too little too late
Have you gone to far?
And who knows
Who you are these days

I’ve got my head straight
I’m looking left again
I’m finally here now the whole
world’s gone insane
Searching high and low for the truth

And I’m afraid I don’t get the little jokes you play
The odd numbers and Paris wheels around
But all the messages are getting through clearer

Has anybody dreamed or heard the good news today?
Well the aliens are coming and tomorrow
Blow it all away
Better learn how to pray

I’ve got my head back to face a crowded sky
It’s cracking it open we’ve waited all this time
It’s good to have you back on the earth

But now the sirens and the guns
have plagued their hiding place at night
Where they used to roam the earth
now the animals have stolen their right
Look a little deeper

Anybody else beside me know
there on the way
Aliens are coming and tomorrow
gonna save the day
Better learn how to pray

Keep the money all I really want is the truth
No more money all I really want is the truth
Come on give me the truth

Only the names have changed
we see through the same three eyes
And know that everybody’s got to believe in someone

Love lies bleeding it’s hard to see
When she left she took a part of me

Time stood still – no bounds on time
When my world became so sublime

She was inside of me

When this world gets so hard on me
My eyes can’t focus – don’t want to see

That my heart is on the line
It seemed to happen right this time

She was inside of me


Well she was … after all…
inside of me

Love lies bleeding ain’t hard to see
The hole she left inside of me

Time stands still through my veins
My world will never be the same

But she is inside of me still

The morning rose
you were always kind
can’t believe we’ve found each other
waking for the rest of our lives
I believed I’d never find
someone to believe in
but there you were
when I least expected it
when I’d almost given up
lost my faith in love
there you were
tried to hide my feelings still you know
so I guess it’s time I finally let it show

I’ve found someone
who believes that loves a battle
that’s been won
seems a lifetime
passed by
until I found a reason
someone to believe in
I’ve found

I thought despair was just part of life
but you showed me differently
smiling full of life as you said
there’ll be better days
just like rain we can’t complain
it’s ok
there’ll be better days



You and I so different
seems were worlds apart
patience brings us closer we’re not far

I’ve found someone
Who believes that loves a battle
that’s been won
seems a lifetime
passed by
Until I found a reason
Someone to believe in